When will hydrostatic testing be required? Do your existing business premises do enough justice to this requirement? And what exactly is a hydrostatic test pump? Only a qualified and licensed and well recognized and seasoned plumbing technician could answer your questions. The warning was given to never leave such critical testing in the hands of unqualified others. But then again, what are the chances of that happening.

Unqualified fly by nighters as they may be called in some parts, won’t have thorough testing on their roadmaps. Their only roadmap will be to your front door, doesn’t matter how late they arrive, and to receive payment upfront, no matter how shoddy the workmanship, if it can be called that, is. They can be exploitative in the extreme, with their safe knowledge that their customers will be as unwitting and ignorant as they come. Fortunately, such persons are slowly but surely being sifted out of the system, thus giving the qualified and best recognized businesses another chance to shine.

And this is where you can now sit up and take note. Here is a quick reminder of the essentials you will be looking out for when it comes to competent and accomplished plumbing workmanship necessary for your business premises. Always check to see that the plumbing company’s technicians are indeed fully qualified to carry out the extensive array of service work promised, from hydrostatic testing, to standard repair and maintenance work, to full and new installations.

Also check that the plumbing company is a licensed practitioner. It also helps to know that the team on its payroll is well experienced and fellow property owners within your jurisdiction are already waxing lyrical about the sterling done for them over the years.