Spirituality is the acceptance of the potential of our spirit, that concept difficult to explain and easy to understand. It is everything we are, the set of our beliefs, our faith, our relationships, our concepts and ideas, and etc.

Understanding spirituality in relation to religion is not bad, but you must understand that the relationship is the reverse of what is normally mentioned: religion and religious belief are one of the many parts or facets of spirituality, and not the reverse. If you are not a religious person, you may well be a spiritual person: you only need to notice your belief in yourself and in your nature.

Encourage and work to expand, improve, and get in touch with spirituality are achievable objectives through numerous activities. The meditation and practice of Yoga is one of these ways to understand the inner self, your power, your energy and your natural self.

You could also have physical reminders of your spirituality, like statues in your home or angel wing pendant jewelry if you belief in angels.

To foster spirituality it is fundamental, first, to understand our power and energies, to accept its existence despite its invisibility or detectability. They are not “demonstrable” elements on a scientific level, but when you accept that they are there, that is when you can begin to travel this path.

Then, you must want, with your heart and without an objective, to improve your spirituality.

Why improve spirituality?

The reason to improve the spirituality must be, simply, to improve the spirituality: to be more in touch, to improve the balance, to seek happiness and happiness, to feel better in your own body. Then, health and beauty will come on their own, without you even having been looking for them.