Here is an electronic data capturing system for utilization that also captures the important transactional information to ensure that you are able to maintain your store’s month to month bottom line. While using this system, you are able to automatically record what expenditure is incurred on the unit dose packaging, purchase and processing of all medical supplies, predominantly the critical prescriptions being made by medical practitioners who have referred you directly to their patients.

All that happens next is that the correct dosage required is accordingly processed and the patient is duly provided with the goods. And while this happens, he is also billed immediately. If billing is to be deferred to his medical plan then so be it. The system operates across the board, communicating directly with all stakeholders close to your line of duty. You are able to pay your suppliers on time immediately after receiving payment for your own services.

Patients do not even need to come in to collect their prescribed medicine. This is particularly beneficial for those who are critically ill and bedridden. It is beneficial for your business too. Your reputation is held in high esteem as the system is able to arrange for fast delivery of medical supplies. Should there ever be a dispute on how you have responded to the request for medical care, you at least have all important information accurately captured in your data base.

Let’s look again at how this process unfolds for you and your customers. The doctor’s prescription is responded to the moment it enters your data base. If supplies not in stock need to be ordered from pharmaceutical companies, the date of request is recorded. Timelines from the moment medicine is requested to the moment it reaches the patient are recorded.