Readers sit up and take note. Of course they want to know; just how is this going to benefit me. How is the new age, so-called (and what is this about anyway) going to benefit me? By becoming a collector of new age paraphernalia, new age crystals, for instance, you end up doing your health a great deal of good as well. If you like the touch and feel of crystal stones, the way they spark and shine under different hues, you can place it in different areas of the home as decorative elements.

And while you are doing this, well, you’re not doing much are you, you’ve just placed the stones, just so, aspects of your health and emotions are elevated in positive manners. It will be something of a subconscious sensation and at the best of times you would hardly notice. No-one wishes to will this on you, but perhaps you would only truly notice the positive effects immediately if you were quite ill and under emotional strain.

Nevertheless, if your life and health appears to be at a low ebb, then perhaps now is the time to become a collector and invest in those crystal stones. Unlike other precious gems, these are not expensive and can now easily be purchased online. As to what is known as the New Age movement, one wonders why it is even called thus. Because in essence, practitioners and advocates of this movement are essentially gathering in a lot of what was used and practiced in ancient times.

With the exception of the Abrahamic religions, and perhaps including some of the Eastern sects, there are a number of minority religions that have adopted the practices inherent within the New Age movement.