And, yes, you may as well add that to your list. You’ll need a handy sized umbrella to shield your precious little one from the sun’s fierce rays. But then again, perhaps not. After all, don’t most of today’s fantastic new three-wheeled prams come with a built in umbrella. If it’s not an umbrella, the full length covering is a standard feature of good prams for newborn babies. No need for an umbrella to go with a baby chair then.

But then again, perhaps yes. Perhaps this is a good idea, because surely you’ll want your little one to see something of the garden as it grows through its first few months. And after you have done your duty feeding the baby in the nursery, she could be ready to take her meals in the kitchen with the rest of the family. Only, because she’s still so small and will be a bit messy at times, you’ll need to place the baby in a high chair.

And the cot in the nursery stays put for the time being. When you go out and do your pram, chair, cot and high chair rental you’ll be sure to select a cot that takes care of the baby’s first couple of years at least. Buying or even renting one of those small, precious little numbers with lace flowing over it might still be a bit of a luxury for you, because, boy, when you add all these essentials up, you can already see how much it costs.

No-one needs to remind you that raising a small kid costs plenty of money. And just wait until that little kid grows up; still plenty more expenses to look forward to.